Graduate Art Seminar | SUNY New Paltz

Monday, May 3, 2010

please ponder

What is the artist's role in society? What is your role as an artist?

MUTO by Blu

Friday, April 30, 2010

Le FIN | end of the semester influences presentations

Influences Presentations | GAS 3:05-5:45

May 3rd:

May 10th:
Ruth, Lili, Crystal, Lynn, Joe K, Allison, Sam, David

May 17th (2:45-4:45) | Potluck- bring a dish to share
Jennifer, Jaeman, Carrie, Debra, Rebecca, Lis

Influences Presentations | GAS 6:30-9:20

May 10th:
Madison, Allyson, Celine, Amy, Sarah, Bruce, Gina

May 17th (7:15-9:15) | Potluck - bring a dish to share
Patrick, Cooper, Katherine, Christina

Coup de Villle | art opp