Sunday, January 31, 2010

"magicians of the earth"

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  1. Interesting... I related this type of show to Bourriad's idea of the Radicant-- transcending borders and cultural backgrounds to pool from the whole of every culture, but then, this show fell short as it seems we are asked to view the works in the artist's cultural context. The article said the show was trying to break down stereotypes saying that non-western artists are nameless. It went on to say that artists not accustomed to the International art scene are vulnerable. Artist Esther Mahlangu from South Africa seemed to stand guard in from of the ceremonial house she built-- Cyprien Tokoudagba from Benin sacrificed chickens to protect himself in case he made the spirits angry for building the work-- and six aboriginal artists waited for the magic to come into their work but announced it didn't. I agree with the article, and found it odd that there were no Black American artists in the show.