Thursday, February 25, 2010

Art and Today Critical Discussion Facilitator Schedule | Grad Art Seminar | 3:05-5:45

Art & Today | Critical Discussion Facilitators | Grad Art Seminar 3:05-5:45

Art & The Quotidian Object: March 8th
Reading: Readymade, found object, photograph by Margaret Iverson
To get this article online, login to the jstor database through the new paltz library. Your np userid and password will grant you access.jstor
Discussion Facilitators: Dan and Lis

Art & Abstraction: April 12th
Reading: PDF uploaded to blackboard-  This represents the last chapter from a book by Kirk Varnedoe, titled Pictures of Nothing Abstract Art Since Pollock.  The book was made to capture a series of Mellon lectures given at the National Gallery of Art in 2003.  Acting as head curator of painting and sculpture at MoMA, he also held a professorship at Princeton University.  These lectures were devised in response to E.H. Gombrich's highly successful series in 1956, titled, Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation.  I hope you enjoy!

Discussion Facilitators: Carrie and Sam

Art & Nature and Technology: April 12th
Reading: Transhumanisn and Posthumanism - PDF uploaded to blackboard
Discussion Facilitators: Lynn and Rebecca

Art & The Body: April 19th
Reading: two art and body pdfs uploaded to blackboard
Discussion Facilitators: Allison and David

Art and Identity: April 19th
Reading: 'Why have there been no great women artists?' by Linda Nochlin
Discussion Facilitators: Crystal and Deborah

Art & Globalization: April 26th
Discussion Facilitators: Keith and Jen

Art & Its Institutions: April 26th
Discussion Facilitators: Joe and Joe

Art & Audience: May 3rd
Reading: PDFs uploaded to blackboard. Both essays are from the book, "What We Want is Free: generosity and exchange in recent art" edited by Ted Purves published by State
University of New York Press in Albany.

The first essay is by Ted Purves "Introductory Remarks on the
Handbook" and the second it by Francis McIlveen "exchange-the other
social sculpture".

Discussion Facilitators: Ruth and Shin

Art and Spirituality: May 3rd
Reading: "Concerning the Spiritual" by Kandinsky  | PDF uploaded to Blackboard
Please find attached the reading for Art and Spirituality presentation on May 3rd.
The reading is an essay written by Kandinsky in 1911 titled “Concerning the Spirituality in Art”.
I have sent you the entire essay for your summertime poolside reading pleasure (!) but for the presentation I would like you to read pages 33 to 39. These are the page numbers of the actual essay, not the pdf page numbers.

Discussion Facilitators: Lili

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