Monday, March 22, 2010

manifesto video shoot

We are meeting in the sculpture crit room (FAB first floor) today to shoot manifesto videos.

If you are shooting your video yourself, you will need to save the video as a .mov (720 x 480) and get the file to me on CD.  Put CD in my mailbox in the art office by Friday, April 2nd
I plan to make a longer compilation of all manifestos and need a good quality uncompressed .mov file.
You will also need to compress your video for web streaming and upload your video to youtube by class time on April 5th. 
You will need an account on youtube to upload vids.  Plenty of tutorials in youtube on how to do this.
I will show you how to embed your manifesto youtube video in your blog on April 5th. It would be helpful though if you did this before class if you can.  

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